Robot Portraits


Wanda Tuerlinckx


Wanda Tuerlinckx is a Belgian photographer based in Amsterdam. Her photographs are part of the collections of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Amsterdam City Archives. Since 2015 Wanda has been photographing robots with a wooden camera from the 1880s using photographic paper as negatives. In collaboration with Erwin R. Boer, a Cognitive Robotics professor at Delft University of Technology, they have been traveling the world documenting the current robot revolution.



Today’s technological revolution for the first time in history gives physical and perhaps spiritual life to the fruits of our inexhaustible imagination: Android robots, who look and behave like humans but are machines inside a human appearance, create highly human-like emotional, facial and physical expressions. These androids offer a myriad of human robot interaction experiences unfathomable in decades past. The convolution of robotics, artificial intelligence and material science has allowed designers and researchers to experiment with the ultimate question: what does it mean to be human? With the technological advances in android development outpacing the development of answers to their societal and ethical implications a cognitive dissonance is rising in society.   

Erwin. R. Boer,  2018